INTRODUCING: Electrolyte and Water Balance In Calves

The original Electrolyte and Water Balance in Calves has undergone a complete makeover, and now includes many new graphics and additional text...

This updated publication contains six chapters. The first describes the routine process of water movement into and out of the digestive tract, and sets the stage for discussions about water loss, rehydration therapy, and electrolyte formulation and function that follow in later sections.

The second chapter provides a detailed look at how the body regulates the chemical composition of blood, and maintains control over electrolytes, water and acid-base balance. These principles form a solid foundation for assessing actual situations and developing successful, cost-effective treatment and prevention protocols.

Chapter 3 explores water loss mechanisms through the digestive tract and discusses the process of dehydration and the clinical signs associated with progressive water loss.

The amount and timing of electrolyte replacement therapy is critical for rapid recovery from dehydration. Chapter 4 describes the relationship between the degree of water loss and the amount of electrolyte solution required to offset the loss. The focus is on oral rehydration therapy.

Common components of electrolyte solutions are presented in Chapter 5. Electrolyte products can serve a variety of functions: rehydration, electrolyte replenishment, gut repair and support for improved function.

The recently completed 4-part electrolyte blog series has been added to the publication as an entirely new Chapter 6, Electrolyte Formulation and Function.

Here is a link to the new and improved Electrolyte & Water Balance In Calves  Check it out!

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